As well as offering a home on site for the remainder of the equines lives, we are also happy to re-home equines when possible. This helps us to get a perfect home for an equine and free up space to rescue more in need. We will only consider adoption to the perfect home. Each case is different and will be treated accordingly. 

All equines will be re-homed with a personalised contract that will be arranged prior to adoption. Prospective homes must agree to provide the equine with a home for life, however if something unforeseen arises the equine must return to Tenerife Horse Rescue. This agreement helps both horse and home as we are here to find the perfect future lives for our equines.

What we look for in a potential home. 

  • You must be over 18 years of age or with the consent and responsible of a parent/ guardian.
  • Understanding and patient outlook to horse care. Horse first approach.
  • Horses only available as companion horses or pleasure riders. Not suitable for heavy competitive/ discipline centred riding.
  • Financially secure enough to look after an equine and their health needs
  • Have experience at loaning/ owning an equine or being fully involved in the day to day care of an equine.
  • Have an appropriate place to keep the equine.
  • Have another equine or board at a place with other equines.
  • We do not re-home equines to places with only stable/single paddocks.

If you feel that you are able to offer a home, please get in touch with us to regarding your chosen horse and to arrange a meeting here and then a home visit. 

If your home visit goes well and you are happy with the horse and the horse is happy with you.

We can then talk further about making a personalised plan for you and your future horse. We are always only a phone call away for any questions and support. 

We will make sure you and your horse are supported. Our horses are our main priority to keep them happy and safe.

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