As we are run solely by Volunteers,
every single ONE of you is very important to us.

Read below to see how you you can join us whether or not you live here
or would like to join our live in scheme.

Volunteering for locals

We have many opportunities available to those who live on the island and want to get involved. You can become animal rescue volunteer. Including horse grooming, horse walking, gardening, cuddling puppies, walking dogs, picking up poo and animal care. We have a lovely team of locals who meet here regularly to get involved with a good cause and make friends and have a good time. Get in contact if you live in Tenerife and would like to get involved as little or as often as you would like?

Live in volunteer

First of all, animal rescue volunteer are incredibly important to us and the growth of our beautiful sanctuary. We have been extremely lucky and have had over 150 volunteers throughout the first year and a half helping us build our dream. Many staying for over a year, or with repeat visits. For instance, helping us dig the land, build the yurt, train the horses, pick up manure and more. We could not do it without their help.

We offer a volunteer program via workaway for those of you around the world who would like to get involved. Meanwhile in return we offer on site accommodation and provide all meals in exchange for 25 hours a week of work. Above all, we are very grateful to always have a small community of people helping the sanctuary run smoothly and grow.

Specific Roles for live in volunteers

The amount of applications we have to be a volunteer is incredible, we wish we could take you all.
However, we have limited spaces, so we have organised specific roles to make it clearer for what
help we are needing. Despite this, these do change and are not extensive, if you have other skills that
you think may benefit us, please feel free to get in touch. That is to say, all roles have a minimum of a
1 month stay with no limit on the length of your stay providing we all get on well.

  • For animal lovers:

*Animal lovers, for cleaning, feeding and caring for all the small animals
from guinea pigs, dogs, goats and pigs. All animals except horses. Keeping
on top of the food donations and feeding station

*Experienced horse people to help train/ rehab some new horses and light
exercise for the older or sick horses such as in hand walking or
occasionally accompanying the horse sharers on rides. Also the basic care
such as feeding, cleaning poo and picking out feet daily. Please don’t
apply for this if you don’t have horse experience.

  • For builders and general labor work and gardeners:

*General labourer such as help for moving stones, building stone walls,
digging, power tools, moving rubbish and clearing, building, unskilled
physical labour. This role is suitable for anyone fit who enjoys hard physical work without needing previous experience.

*Skilled builders in any section, building runs with wood, welding metal
fences, building eco houses, working with solar, plumbing, any building
skills are always helpful and welcome as we have no skills in this ourselves
and love to learn from anyone willing to help.

*Gardeners, to help plant and grow our finca. To make our finca more green
and beautiful. Permaculture experience is perfect, but not essential. Passion
for the garden is most important.

  • Technology, website management, marketing:

*Videographers/ vlog editors. Someone who can edit and make videos for
our new YouTube vlog. It doesn’t need to be super professional, but some
experience is essential. Help to film the life of the finca And put it together
to make a weekly episode. Finca life on YouTube

*Web development experience. To help with SEO and our wordpress
website. Ideally also help with Google ads management. ( But not
essential) Must have fluent/ very good English.

*Spanish digital marketer/ admin. Someone native or fluent Spanish with
admin experience, to help us grow our finca locally, advertise with digital
marketing and this type of thing. Connect with Spanish companies and
gain sponsors etc….

*Digital marketer, anyone experienced in admin and marketing who can
help us grow by contacting sponsors, build our following, website and
social media. Reply to emails and be an assistant. English speaking
essential, any other a bonus

  • Cooking and drivers:

*Cooking and cleaning. Keep the kitchen and communal area clean and
prepare the break and lunch for the other volunteers to keep them fed
during working hours. Keep on top of food donations and storage.

*Driver, must be over 25 for insurance with a driving license. To collect food
donations from various super markets and bakeries. Must be willing to work
different hours, as some collections are in the evenings. Must also be willing
to get dirty occasionally, as donations need sorting through.

Portraits of our long time volunteers

Accommodation FAQ