Coco Loco

grumpy dog face

Coco loco has the most enthusiasm for life that we have ever witnessed.

He spent 6 years in a cage in another rescue centre before coming to us. We have had him since early 2018. He was one of our first dogs we rescued on the island. Sadly no one wants this poor happy soul. Coco who we renamed Coco Loco owns every piece of bread and stick on the finca. He also owns every cushion and ball. If you start playing with him he will never leave you alone, he can often be found dropping a ball at the horses feet and barking at them to play with him. Coco never lost his spirit even with his many years inside a rescue centre, he also hasn't lost his spirit when it comes to playing. Coco has problems with his hip joints and sometime he over does it and you see him running around on 3 legs, it doesn't however slow him down at all. We work with a vet for Coco and we are expecting a hip replacement or leg removal in the next year or so. Even though it all, nothing will dampen his spirit.

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