Meet our rescue animals.

Every one of our animal has their own story to tell. Helping a horse or animal in need and seeing their journey to recovery is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. But sadly not every story has a happy ending. Some of our rescue animals have an upsetting story, but we feel it is important to tell them and recognise those we have lost as well as those we have saved.

We rely on donations

As we rely on donations to keep our animals healthy, happy and keep rescuing more we want to make it easy for you to help your favourite animal. So you can be sure that every penny we raise goes direct to the animals and their care we have created different options to sponsor an animal in need in Tenerife. We thank you so much, and want you to know that none of this would be possible without people like yourself.

You can help a rescue animal in many ways. Such as:


You could sponsor a horse monthly or with one off payment. We've created a convenient way for you to sponsor an animal online.

Click on the animals you would like to read more about and you will read their personal story and see links for their personal sponsor options. ( please bare with us, we are currently updating these pages, and some may not be in the new format yet).

We update regularly our facebook page and blog page, so you can easily keep up with our new animal residents. You can also keep up with them on our instagram page as we update daily pictures. We are incredibly thankful for all of your help and donations, so we're aiming to include you in our everyday life as much as possible. Through sharing their stories, updates and all the rest we think you would find interesting.