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Welcome to Tenerife horse rescue. An eco horse and animal sanctuary set in the quiet coast of Arico, Tenerife.

We are a fully registered, non-government funded charity founded in 2018. We are totally run by volunteers and our aim is to offer homes to all equines who need a second chance.

Horse Rescue specialises in force free training methods. Rehabilitating horses with positive reinforcement to give them a voice. This will be done in a relaxed, safe and natural environment to live out the remainder of their lives relaxed and happy.

Horses are our main focus, but we didn't stop here. Our animal sanctuary has a huge array of animals, all rescued from the island. For example, dogs and cats, birds, ducks, guinea pigs, goats, pigs, tortoises, hamsters and more. In addition, we are also big advocates of sustainability. You can find all of our animals in our fully sustainable, eco-friendly and volunteer run sanctuary.

There are many ways in which you can get involved or help. How about having a once in a life time holiday on site in our special Mongolian Yurt?Β  This way you'll have a peaceful holiday onsite watching first hand the work we do whilst helping to fund the rescues.Charity numbers. N.I.F G-76782267 | G1/S1/24017-19/TF

Here you can see a walkthrough video one of our volunteers made for us in 2021.

Main Home

Our Mission:
Animal Rescue and Care

A message to our visitors

Tenerife Horse Rescue aims to help our world become a kinder, safer and more loving place for animals where they are fully understood and respected. This is done in our small eco-friendly, self-funded and self-built farm.

Furthermore, we do not receive any grant. Meaning, we are independent from other associations and organisations. Our Animal Rescue cannot rely on donations alone. Therefore, we will partially fund ourselves with our holiday rentals on site in the near future.

Our registered charity name in Spain is "Refugio de animals horse holidays Tenerife" This doesn't mean we offer riding holidays, We do not work our horses nor make money from them, we rely on donations and volunteers to keep the horse sanctuary running.

If you are unable to donate or volunteer why not view our Amazon Gift List instead? Click on the image.


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