We would love to meet you.

We are always very happy to meet new people to join our team, even just for a day! Whether you live on the island, or are here on holiday, you are more than welcome to visit us and volunteer some time.

It is a great way to give back to the community, meet new people and have fun at the same time.

There are various roles and activities available, including horse walking, caring for our other animals (we don’t just have horses!), and helping out with the building and maintenance of the sanctuary. If you have a love for animals or a particular skill that you’re willing to share that may be beneficial to our cause, please do let us know!

Our charity is run by a team of 40 long-term volunteers who work around the clock to keep our sanctuary running. Whether this is building, caring for the animals, gardening or training horses, our team has a very structured and busy day-to-day working life. We are always having more work to do than workers available.

For this reason, we hope you understand that we do not have the capacity to take 1 day volunteers, as we do not have the spare workers to show you around, and it takes more than 1 day to learn the animals, work and things to be able to help.

Animal keeper for a day experience -

If you can only come for 1 day we have created an animal keeper for a day experience. Join the team walking donkeys, feeding and caring for the smaller animals, enjoy listening to the exciting squeak of our huge guinea pig family as you bring them their lunch or witness the happiness of our pigs squealing as they get a shower and roll in the mud.

This is an ideal way to fully immerse yourself into animal care without needing any previous experience. Get your hands dirty and see the amazing transformations of animals in their happy homes.

To get the full experience we recommend joining us at 9 am. Have a break with the community for a “breakfast” buffet at 11am and then we welcome you to join us for a community lunch at 2.30pm as you finish the working day before leaving the finca.

This experience is €50 per person.

Please note all food provided is Freegan, read here on freeganism to fully understand.

For more information email us on:

tenerifehorserescue@gmail.com or call whatsapp +34 644126126


Would you like to come and volunteer with us more regularly?

Maybe you are here on holiday and would like to come multiple times in a week or you live here and would like to come each week. We welcome you to join the finca family and get involved in these areas:

Horse walkers, come regularly and take a horse or donkey walking. Meet new people, get exercise and bond with your “own” horse. Groom them and experience horse care. Basic horse experience is preferred however this is a great place to learn if you are committed to come for a longer period and will donate for lessons with a volunteer.

Small Animal carers, Help to feed, clean and water the smaller animals. From guinea pigs to the pigs. You can also take our goats for walks. No experience required.

Builders, As our sanctuary is built entirely by volunteers we are always looking for helpers to build animal enclosures etc. We have the tools and materials. We just need helpers. Basic construction experience is essential but no need to be a professional. Practice your skills and gain experience for your CV.

Photographers and videographers, Do you like to make videos or take photos? You can help us stock up on some content for our website and social media channels.

Other skills, Maybe you have another skill we had not mentioned. Get in touch we would love to hear from you.

We invite all volunteers to have a break with the community for a “breakfast” buffet at 11am and then we welcome you to join us for a community lunch at 2.30pm as you finish the working day before leaving the finca.

New regular volunteers are requested to come with an appointment for a finca visit first, in order for us to be able to introduce you to the animals and our team. However, once you are settled in, have learnt the ropes and can work independently there will be more flexibility.

You can contact us for more information either via email-

tenerifehorserescue@gmail.com or call whatsapp +34 644126126