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Chelsea arbeitet als Erzieherin. Ihr Lebenstraum aber ist es, eine Tierschutzfarm zu gründen. Auf Teneriffa merkt sie, dass Verzicht und ein kleines Budget zum Alltag im Tierschutz gehören. Wird Chelseas Traum zum Alptraum?” (January 29., 2024)

German TV show shot here. Chelsea’s experience at the finca.

Diario de Avisos

Piden ayuda urgente para la recuperación de Nala, una yegua de Tenerife que está en estado crítico” (November 20, 2023) 
Spanish article on our fundraising for Nala. 

ERASMUS in Tenerife

Tenerife Horse Rescue: Saving Lives with Love” (October 20, 2023)
Erasmus in Tenerife visited us and published a blog about it.

Voglio Magazine

Gaia: una vita intelligente e senza soldi a Tenerife per affrontare i “mali” del secolo”  (September 20, 2023)
Italian magazine interviewed our social media manager Gaia. 

Hest Magazine

Rehabiliterer forsømte og mishandlede hester på Tenerife: – For meg gir det mer mening enn en vanlig job” (September 3, 2023) 
Norwegian interview with our volunteer Marte.

The Green Tourist

Duurzame uitstapjes in Tenerife” (August 01, 2023)
A Dutch website on sustainable tourism featured us in an article.

The Sun

HOUSE THAT? I refused to pay high rent for a flat so I moved into a cave” (July 17, 2023) 
Our volunteer Lola tells a bit about living in a cave.


Canarian Weekly

Tenerife Horse Rescue challenge to support abused and abandoned animals.” (February 18, 2023) 
An article on “The Animal March: 80 miles in March” 

El Digital Sur

Tenerife Horse Rescue organiza el mayor reto de apoyo a los animales maltratados y abandonados  (2022)
Spanish article on “The Animal March: 80 miles in March”

Pet Helpful

Couple's Story of Starting an Animal Sanctuary in Tenerife Couldn't Be More Inspiring” (September 26, 2022) 

El Bien Social

Santuario de caballos Tenerife Horse Rescue: El km0 de la esperanza” (July 7, 2022) 


Pferdeschutzhof sucht dringend Investor” (Februari 21, 2022) 
German article on our expansion plans for the finca.

Tenerife Weekly

Tenerife Horse Rescue: where horses are born again” (February 14, 2022)  

Diario de Avisos

Tenerife Horse Rescue: donde los caballos vuelven a nacer” (February 14, 2022)
Spanish article on the finca and Emma and Edo. 

El Digital Sur

Tenerife Horse Rescue necesita inversores para salvar el futuro de animales rescatados” (February 2, 2022) 

Canary Green

Tenerife Horse Rescue – Sustainable non profit” (December 2021)
Canary Green published a blog of ours on their website, and came to visit us!

Tenerife Weekly

The sanctuary of abandoned animals” (September 14, 2021) 
An article sharing the stories of some of the rescue animals on our finca. 

El Dia

El santuario de los animales abandonados” (September 14, 2021) 

Local new about Tenerife Horse Rescue


¿Conoces la labor de Tenerife Horse Rescue?(August 12, 2021)

Radio Televisión Canaria

Tenerife Horse Rescue, una segunda oportunidad para los animals” (August 25, 2021)
RTV filmed an item at our sanctuary. 

Daily Mail

A wealthy pair of high-flying executives swapped their usual lavish holiday with a budget break volunteering at a local animal shelter on Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday.” (February 13, 2021)

British Tv show shot here.



British rider’s bid to boost welfare in Tenerife” (May 10, 2020)
A short article on Emma and the rescue horses.

The Barefoot Horse Magazine

Barefoot in Tenerife! Inspiring Animal Rescue challenging traditions of the local community” (2019)

Island Connections

Horse Holidays hoedown” (September 4, 2019)
We’re planning our first charity fundraiser! 


Island Connections

Helfen Sie den Pferden” (May 15, 2019)
A german article on our finca. 

Island Connections

Help the Horses” (May 13, 2019)
A big article on our finca and the animals here.

Youtube videos made by influencers who visited us

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