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We had to do an extreme rescue mission which included hanging over walls, squeezing through bushes and quick thinking for this beautiful pooch.

We went to rescue her because someone told us about her, in the morning and by the evening she was safe in ours. They told us that she was skin and bones, probably with babies.

This is exactly true, she was taking great care of 3 beautiful babies. ( All who have perfect homes now )

This poor Mamma was sucked of every last bit of energy. Protecting her young. She had hardly any hair, mange, open wounds and infection in his nipples. All made much much harder to help her as she was totally wild.

Never been touched by a human. But she has such a kind soul. Wanting to love but terrified, With patience ( and working on my laptop in her enclosure so she would get used to humans) she started to come around.
She is now very attached to me ( Emma) and sleeps on my bed at night, greets me with a kiss and the zommies. When she is relaxed i can cuddle her back as long as I don't trap her or touch her collar.

We are training very slowly with treats and love. It's going well. We hope it won't be to long until we can let her free with all the dogs and take her out on a lead to see the real world. Currently she is enclosed around our caravan. With space to run, dogs to play with and humans to love from her safe space.

She has so much love to give and has all the time she needs to feel comfortable.

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