Trufa Dax

rescue horse
rescue horse
rescue horse

Trufa Dax comes to us with a sad story, which sadly is not uncommon.

Once upon a time he was a valued horse, a favourite hobby. Competing in endurance races with 120km races under his belt, always coming near first he gave everything he could and was a well known champion.
This was until he had an accident and fractured a bone in his leg making him “useless” in the endurance world. We can't know exactly what happened, (as we have been blocked and all photos removed off of social media by his previous owner) we only know what we can read in his details online, from news clippings and what happened from the owner before us who had him 9 months in naive hope he would recover. The vets know a little more of his history, its a small island.
Trufa was left worthless and replaced by a different endurance horse, with this the life left this horse, he became a sad shell of the horse he once was. Empty, sad and in pain.
In the time we have had him, he has made a full transformation and the people who knew him from before say his break was a blessing in disguise. He is finally pain free, happy and relaxed. His very overgrown shoe was removed and slow rehab on his foot correction, x rays and the start of his treatment plan.
Trufa has picked up not only in spirit but it weight, personality and build. But he can now walk comfortably and thoroughly enjoys going for an in-hand walk with the volunteers along the countryside. He may not be running 120kms anymore but he doesn’t need to, he has enough to enjoy his new life in peace with his new field friends.

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