rescue horse
rescue horse
white rescue horse

Bounty coconut, sweet as the candy bar itself.

This friendly little mare came to us again with a similar story. She was no longer considered worth feeding and caring for. Left in a small space with the same shoes for around 9 months. This is particularly bad for Bounty because she has a problem with her front left leg which was from an injury left without treatment. This resulted in a bone growth healing oversized. With her extra long hooves and solid shoes she kicked herself causing a bleeding injury every time she moved. For this she is not ridable and not worth any love apparently. 

Since she has been with us we removed her shoes and have started her feet with their rehab treatment and already she is walking comfortably without hitting herself. Ironically it was a completely easy fix, if the owners had known they only needed to remove her shoes and she would be sound they would have continued to ride her. So luckily for Bounty their ignorance has saved her. Now she is very happy with her boyfriend Cadette and is enjoying her best life.

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