Horse Riding at Horse Sanctuary

Would you like to become part of the Horse Sanctuary riding team?

At our Horse Sanctuary we strive to provide and promote the best care and protection for all of our horses and animals by offering a place of safety to those in need. We offer a home on site for the remainder of their lives however long or short, however sick or healthy. With time, some of our horses become perfectly healthy again, and actually benefit from regular horse riding.

Tenerife is a small island with limited resources for horses. It's common that horses are kept alone in small stables, rooms or paddocks with barely enough room to move around. Horses require a lot movement to stay healthy so here at horse holidays we offer much bigger paddocks and horses are all kept with small herds living outside.

However, we are still at this point unable to offer paddocks big enough for free movement without the need of human intervention. But we hope in the future to expand to neighbouring land and build a huge retirement paddock. Until this day all of our horses have to be moved with the help of humans to keep them fit, healthy and of a sound mind, whether this means in hand walking, leading along from another horse or light horse ride. This is all done by us and a team of volunteers (if you would like to get involved visit our volunteer page)



Here is a video made by one of our volunteers. Answering all of your questiongs regarding riding with us

Horse sanctuary - training

Each horse will have a tailor made plan to suit his needs working closely with our vets and barefoot trimmers. When or if the time comes that a horse is well enough to be ridden the next stage starts, we retrain these horses with natural, kind and positive reinforcement methods. We do not use bits, whips, shoes or gadgets with our horses. (For more on this, visit the horse training page). Instead we horse ride with a mutual agreement and work together with reading horse communication.

We look for open minded people who put the horse before the sport and want to fall in love with our horses and share them as if they were their own, paying towards food bills and riding them only in ways in which the horses enjoy.

Our Horse sanctuary does not make any money from our horses, nor do we offer tourist excursions. Our riding experiences are available for regulars to enjoy regular rides out and form a bond.


No need to commit to exact days, times or any cleaning/feeding/work. We are very relaxed as we do all the feeding and cleaning daily anyway. More important, is the right person for the horse. For more information please feel free to get in contact or come and see us.

We ask people to come and meet all of our horses, get to know them, and see if we have the perfect horse for you. Weight restrictions, experience and manner does effect your application to  sharing a horse.

Contact Emma on +34 672350505