In addition to being a horse rescue and
animal sanctuary, we are also a sustainable
living community ran on the principles of
reducing, reusing and recycling

Everything we do at Tenerife Horse Rescue Ecological Sanctuary is done with the unified whole in mind.

What exactly do we mean by that?

Each facet of sustainable living; be it food, water or waste, exists interdependently with the rest. We try to extend, reuse or repurpose our resources over and over. Ideally, this means we co-exist and live in symbiosis with our natural world to the best of our ability.

In line with Global Sustainability Goals, we recycle and reuse as much water as possible, which can then be used on our gardens. The food we get is distributed between volunteers and animals so as not to waste a bit. Amazingly all of this would otherwise end up in the bin!

Peels and offcuts go to our compost, which is repurposed as fertiliser for our plants. While it’s impossible to live completely off the main water supply here in Tenerife, all of our power is generated by that glorious perennial sunshine our island is renowned for. Our 6 solar panels power our entire office, charge 40+ people’s laptops and phones, light up our communal and kitchen areas and heat up our shower water. 

Really, it’s all about stretching out our resources as far as they can possibly go.

We are following 3 main points of the Sustainable Developments Goals