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Here each Monday you can read up on our latest news, opinions, stories as blog posts. Written by our team, volunteers and helpers who have something important to say.

We will keep you up to date with horse and animal news and stories, some happy and some sad but always full of truth and written from the heart. We are very passionate about what we do and what we believe in so we enjoy sharing it all with you about our latest building updates or our new rescues that join our animal sanctuary. You can read more about each animal on their personal profile on the meet the animals‘” page or sponsor them on our patreon page for behind the scenes updates. Don’t forgot to keep up to date with pictures and fun videos you can follow us on our Instagram or Tiktok account as well @Tenerifehorserescue


From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Style: How to Dress More Sustainable

In the Chilean Atacama desert there is a mountain. Not like Tenerifes beautiful Teide volcano, but a mountain of discarded clothes. Unsold fast fashion from around […]

Compassionate Choices in Animal Euthanasia

Introduction At Tenerife Horse Rescue we are committed to the well-being of every animal in our care. It can be incredibly heartwarming to see animals recover […]

The Impact of food choices on sustainability: Plant-Based vs. Animal-Based Diets

Introduction In a world facing growing concerns about climate change, resource depletion, and the need for sustainable food production, the choices we make regarding our diets […]

Zoos vs Sanctuaries: A Compassionate Perspective on Animal Welfare

The world of animal conservation and welfare is a multifaceted realm, where zoos and sanctuaries stand as two distinct pillars. While both institutions can contribute to […]

Battling Calima and Record October Heat

Tenerife, known for its idyllic climate, recently faced a remarkable challenge – a record October heatwave, intensified by the meteorological phenomenon known as “Calima.” This unexpected […]

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CATS ON THE CATWALK: Our feline family


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How to train a horse with positive reinforcement


The deal about Donkeys


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It’s kitten season — Help with adopting one

We truly believe that most of the problem comes from ignorance and lack of knowledge not from evil intent. Many think that the kittens will be […]

How to feed horses

This week’s “how to with Lola” is about how to feed a horse in the best way. The correct feeding of our horses is essential for […]

10 Essential tips for equine rescue.

This week’s Tips for Equine Rescue comes from a guest blog host. Harsh Arora, a volunteer from across the web, who has some useful advice for […]

How to build natural buildings

How to build natural buildings is this week’s “how to with Lola and the volunteers” The use of natural building materials is a vital aspect of […]

How to make compost

How to make compost is this weeks “how to with Lola” As an Eco Animal Sanctuary, we are very committed to sustainability and making compost is […]

How to be a volunteer

How to be a volunteer in Tenerife Horse Rescue How can I volunteer at Tenerife Horse Rescue? What do I need to know to volunteer? How […]

How to work with animals

How to work with small animals is this week’s topic in “how to with Lola”. Lola, from Argentina interviews the other volunteers and other experts to […]

How to be Freegan

How to be freegan is a question we get regularly here? Week 2 on “how to with Lola” Blog posts written on specific topics by 1 […]

How to build a strong connection with your horse

“How to build a strong connection with your horse?” is the start of a series of blogs written by Lola, our in-house volunteer from Argentina. Sharing […]