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We named this  1 eyed beauty Fantasma. ( spanish for ghost) Due to her striking look and halloween rescue. However she is far from scary.

In actual fact this poor giant girl is scared, she came to us nervous from being sent from place to place in the last 6 months. After loosing her eye she was no longer considered useful and was sold on after 18 years in the same home. She moved from person to person in 6 months. Being fed only enough to stay alive but without any other form of care.

When she arrived with us she had 1 shoe on. Very overgrown and infected hooves. After digging deeper and finding back info from vets, we found that she has a problem with her veins and blood along with a weak digestive system causing colics.

It is currently early days with us, so we are starting with basics. Correct hoof care, diet and some basic R+ training to help over come her nerves. She loves people despite everything that happened to her. She has been welcomed to the finca family.

If you would like to sponsor her monthly with the link below, you can find out everything here. We will give you your own personalised log in details where you will see first hand news on her rehab, vet visits, treatment plans etc. Every penny made will go direct to her rehab.


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