Perks of the job…. baby animals!
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rescue horse

Princess Nella is the lady of the finca!

This little sweet mare has the pick of the boys and has fallen in love with Capri. She has a life of luxury but it has not always been this way for her, far from it. When we got hold of Nella she was barely able to stand, she had bones bursting her skin at the hips and legs that bowed in every direction. This poor girl has hyper mobility, tendon damage and with the condition she arrived in, it was very hard for her to control the movements of her legs well. Often resulting in her tripping over and causing more bumps and scratches. Her lack of strength and muscle deterioration only adding to the situation. She was previously fed on straw and raw potatoes barely keeping her alive, We didn't expect her to have such a huge recovery and be the thriving, determined, opinionated horse that she is today.

Nella is one of our early rescues, our first horse with an obvious huge transformation before we were up to date with technology, blogging /vlogging and recording everything as we do it. We are sad that we have no early photos of her to compare her drastic changes over the years she has been with us. But we can tell you the transformation is pretty incredible, she may not be your typical show standard horse with correct confirmation and flowing gaits, she struggles to keep on muscle and her top line is always lacking. But she is where she was meant to be and her body looks after her, it doesn’t matter that she often resembles a camel in the wrong light, due to her huge withers.
She is happy, healthy and loved by all. Princess Nella is truly beautiful inside and out. We are continuing to work with all vets to see if we can improve Nellas condition with any other options. 

one of the earlier photos with capri (who is much smaller than her)

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