Community-style living

To keep our busy community-style living animal sanctuary running we have a great team of volunteers ensuring that the place runs smoothly and continues to grow.

This team of volunteers all happily live on our finca, as part of a sustainable community. Sharing their kitchen/ living area and bathrooms but with private accommodation in the form of caravans, converted vans, caves or wooden huts. The friendly team thrives from the back to basic living methods and community style and sustainable living. This way of life can have its challenges but the pro's massively out way the negatives with its positive and fun vibe. Also, knowing there is always someone to share a meal and great conversation with.

Everyone who joins our community whether they are here for a short or long period of time, are here for the same reason.

To build up this project and create a sustainable animal sanctuary to rescue as many animals as possible. Having such a big team we have to make sure that working also goes smoothly as ultimately this is why we are all here. So each volunteer has their own role and we structure the work to keep everything organised. The task vary from taking care of our animals, building, gardening, plumbing, admin, welding and cooking – there’s always something going on on the property. Please go to our volunteer page for more information. Or visit our workaway profile.

Volunteers enjoying breakfast together in the community kitchen

Yurt assembling

Community-style working

Here you can see some of our team a year ago assembling the yurt. This was harder than it looked and it took a great deal of team work to stop the top bars falling down and hitting people in the head! Many hours, lots of head scratching, snacks and a few swear words and we have a beautiful yurt up and still standing.

Tack room building

Community-style digging

This is how our beautiful tack room started. Dug by some hard working volunteers working well as a team in the sun. It's heavy work, but the community spirit kept them all positive and the outcome is amazing. Complete with log saddle holders and dry stone walls.

Pizza oven building

Community-style discussing

We all now thoroughly enjoy the outcome of this discussion. All members love to talk to each other, learn and gain ideas and experience. After some trial and error we now regularly enjoy pizza from our oven made from clay, straw and horse poo from our land. All part of sustainable living.

Meal time

Community-style eating

Meal times can be a big event within a community and its an amazing way to bond. Try food from different cultures and relax after a hard day working in the sun. Here you can see our live-in community with added extras from the island who volunteer their time and enjoy joining for meals occasionally.

Here at the sanctuary we work so hard as a team and it can get difficult sometimes. So its important to have some fun as a community as well. Here is a video from one of the weekends during lockdown where we couldn't leave the rescue centre so we created ideas to have fun and build relationships with the volunteers. As you can see it work and we had a lot of fun.