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Behinds the scenes at an animal sanctuary you can see a full team of volunteers in the office. People often ask me tips because they want to open a charity of their own. This is it, get good on social media and digital marketing. This was an oversight from my part. I did not realise how valuable volunteers to work online are so this is how we ended up working from our bed!


Getting cozy!

As you may know by now when we started this project it was an empty piece of land and we are very  much controlled by what we can and can not build here. As the permissions come slowly everything came in order of priority, so first the animals need their places, volunteers need a kitchen and a bathroom. Then came the holiday rental so we can try and raise some money. Lastly we ( Edo and I) needed somewhere to sleep and we need an office. So amazingly for 1 year we have managed to compact this all into 1 space. In the morning we cover the bed and it becomes the office space in the day for our  adaptable volunteers.

We pile on the bed to do our particular roles. As we have such a huge amount of volunteers we have to organise our chaos so that everyone knows exactly what they are doing and assure things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Team Office!

In the office we have myself who unfortunately spends a VERY long time in, digital marketing, networking, doing finances, accounts, facebook, patreon and managing the other volunteers. This project is my baby, so I am fully prepared to spend a lot of time doing boring office work to get it up and running. Thanks to a great team of animal volunteers they don't need me on most day to day activities with the horses, only to over see, train and trim feet.

We also have in our office team Marje from Estonia to take care of the website, build and do complicated stuff that I don't understand such as SEO and google analytics.  We have Gonzalo from Argentina to network in spanish, find sponsors and connect. He also manages Twitter and Linked in to get these social networks started. Last but not least is our latest role in the office, our newest venture of youtube. We have Carla from Barcelona to film and edit videos for the youtube channel. She also manages instagram too.

We occasionally have Mr google our outside volunteer who comes to give us advice, help with google, growth and tips. When he comes we all sit cross legged on our bed around our laptops. It might be unprofessional but magic still happens!



The time has come for an office space

We finally got the chance to split our bedroom from our working space, which I can speak for at least 5 of us ( Team office and Edo) we are very excited.

A very disgusting, broken, termite ridden, mouse poo full, smoke damaged caravan came up for grabs cheap. Anyone who knows shopping for caravans on the canary islands will know they are very expensive, they hold their value and are hard to come by. Due to the climate its super easy to live in a caravan here along with it being an island and costing a lot to get caravan here they keep their value. For this we didn't think it would be possible to get a caravan for us to live in. However luckily for us this came up and people didn't fancy the challenge of cleaning and fixing it. This didn't put us off, in fact its a bonus as it is the only way in which we would have had a chance to get it! Nothing that 3 days solid cleaning, 1 week termite bomb, lots of work and some vision couldn't fix.

This is exactly what we did!

Clean, clean and clean some more. Apologies if I didn't respond to you over the weekend but we were in the zone, cleaning zone. We put our phone on for music and we got to work! Now it is monday morning and our office team have never been so happy and suprised!!

They have tables of their own, they can walk about and don't have to climb over my clothes and sit on my bed. We still have room for improvement but what better way to avoid the rain than in a real office!




Highlight of the week

Tomorrow we upload a video on youtube of how we managed to drag a 1500kg rotten caravan into its space without it falling off a cliff! As always a great team creates great things!

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Make sure you watch it to see the new challenge we took on..

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