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rescue horse

When you see Xavi from a distance he does not look like he should be here. 

His big strong body, shiny hair and long list of quality breeding in his passport he looks as if he should be in a fancy  yard somewhere. But even his posh papers and grace couldn't save him from ending up in a rescue centre. 

11 months before he came to us he had an accident where he fell off a ravine and injured his back to legs severely. He was treated by our vet, so we now know his full history. Anyone who has anything to do with horses will know how difficult it is to treat lower leg injuries. Especially on a big powerful thoroughbred who is kept alone in a small space, knee deep in mud. Hoping for an easier cure the old owner changed vets ( another we know) and was given terrible advice which delayed his recovery more.

By the time he finally arrived to us, the woman was sad to say goodbye but could no longer try to help him. For us we know it would have been impossible in that environment and advice to recover totally. 4 shoes on, box rest and far to much food were a very bad combination for this particular type of case. 

Since being with us we have removed his shoes. He lives outside in a mini heard and moves freely, also with regular in hand walks with the volunteers. Our climate is dry compared to up the mountains in the north where he was before, which has helped tremendously in the recovery. It is early days but already we see a huge improvement. He is pain free, happy and relaxed and a delight to have around. With time his wounds will improve but he will sadly never look the same again. But we don't mind he is beautiful inside and out.

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