Update on Dragon

Update on Ava
Update on Xavi

Dear Sponsors,

sorry for taking so long with the updates. As you know we are solely run by volunteers and always busy to take care of all our animals.

We have exciting news about Dragon – we found a perfect family for her, so she recently moved to her new forever home. It is an amazing place in the north of the island, a family with a big finca adopted her. She is living the good life there with another horsey friend, lots of grass and space to run around, going on daily walks in the forest. We couldn’t imagine a better place for her to live and are super happy about it. Attached you can find some pictures of her new home.

And don’t worry, your money of the monthly sponsorship of course stays with us and goes to 100% into the animals. If you would like to change your sponsorship to another horse you can do that yourself on our website. Just end the sponsorship for Dragon and choose a new horse. 🙂


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