Update on Ava

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Update on Dragon

Dear Sponsors,

apologies that our first update took so long – as you know our place is only run by volunteers and we are always very busy to take care of all our animals.

However, we are really happy to let you know that, after a difficult start, our little Ava is doing well now. When she came to us a couple of months ago she was skin and bones and had a problem with her eyes, which quickly took a turn for the worse. Caused by malnutrition she got an infection in both of her eyes, which led to complete blindness on one eye with scarred tissue causing pain. Also the eyesight on her second eye was affected, so that she can only see shadows. Ava spent a week in the horse clinic to have the blind eye removed by the eye specialist of the island. However, the vets were able to save her eye. The scarred tissue was removed and with lots of patience and medication (eyedrops) every couple of hours, she could keep her eye without it causing pain anymore. Unfortunately, she cannot get her eyesight back on this eye but at least a surgery could be prevented. Ava is quite an old and fragile little lady, so the surgery would have caused a lot of stress for her and we are happy that this could be avoided. Now that she is back, she is getting more and more used to her limited eyesight and is happy in the paddock with her two friends Trufa and Bruno. During meals and in the night she has a stable where she can eat and rest safely and in peace. She is a sassy little mare, standing up for herself and very obsessed with food. She finally put on weight and is calling us for meal times if her food isn’t served quick enough. We love you Ava.

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