rescue horse
rescue horse

Here we introduce the big boy Geronimo


One of the most troubled and complicated horses currently on the finca. Geronimo is the one who gets the vets scratching there heads, the one who has had the most tests, treatments, rehabs and empty results. Geronimo was left in his previous home hobbled by his legs without any movement, when he came to us he had open wounds on both of his back legs from rope rubs, infected, oozing and painful. He was totally swollen in one hind leg and his sheath, due to old injuries and lack of movement.

Time healed the legs and movement keeps the swelling under control, however if he doesn’t leave his paddock at least once a day and move it will swell again. He soon became sound and pain free, however he was loosing weight, not gaining it even with his good diet and appropriate exercise. After almost a year of tests and various treatments we are very happy to say he is on the road to recovery and putting on weight in general, but it is still hard to keep his condition. However he is gaining strength day by day and we are really seeing his personality shine.

This is a very strong horse with a sad past but a positive future. Geronimo is a gentle giant, he struggles to form relationships with horses, he is the bottom of the pack and it took 2 years before he finally made a friend with Cadette. He may not be a horses horse but he loves nothing more than a fuss and human contact. He enjoys grooms, baths and a bum scratch which is also very useful as it keeps his skin conditions under control to and we have many willing volunteers for a big horse cuddle.

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