rescue horse

This is Whiteboy, possibly the worst named horse in the world, certainly at our finca. 


When he arrived with us we were told to wait 10 days for his passport to arrive, its very rare for us to rescue a registered legal horse. So we waited patiently not knowing his name. We called him whiteboy while we waited to find out from his papers his registered name. Sure enough 10 days later his passport came and in it we found out that he wasn't worth a name! Registered for 13 years with 3 homes but no name. By this point Whiteboy had stuck and this is how he come to get his name. We don't know the full history of Whiteboy or why he was forgotten about and passed from person to person.

He has a lot of love and gives a lot. He is a very good riding horse and thoroughly enjoys it. But sadly for him he is "ugly" he has a condition which he produces to much scar tissue and it results in lumps and bumps everywhere. We don't know what happened to him to get all of these injuries. He has one along his spine making him difficult to fit a regular saddle, this may of added to his “worthlessness” . We can only guess the reasons he was no longer wanted. When we got him he was starving, weak, very long feet and very scared of people. Scared he was going to be hit, running on adrenaline and fear to always do as he is told. He has numerous health complication's, he is very sensitive to his environment, to much dust effects his eyes, cold air and he can cough, he also needs regular dental treatment and treatment for sand in the gut.

Even with all of his quirks, he is an amazing horse with a lot to give and he has already in his short time with us learnt how to relax and live his life calm and peacefully.

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