Perks of the job…. baby animals!

rescue horse
rescue horse
So honestly this blog is a little pointless, but you will enjoy it!

So i needed 3 posts to get our exciting new website up and running however i didn't want to flood the site with to much information and stories in one go, so after a blog post about our wonderful Iggy who started it all and a little post about of plans why not fill it up with something we all love to look at? Baby animals! Who doesn't love looking at pictures of baby animals? So here we will introduce some of the babies from the first year and a half of Refugio de animales horse holidays Tenerife. In no particular order...

Lets start with a big part of the finca and some heart warming footage of the cutest group of friends ever.... Peppa pig, Woody the poppy and Liquorice the kitten.

Now kittens.... we have had many many of the year and a half. Here are just some of them
This is some of the sickest kittens to join us, Twiglet was found by a really kind German Lady on holiday, she brought him to the vets and helped fund his recovery. This remarkable kitten overcame the Parvo virus with less than a 3% chance of survival with a long treatment in quarantine in our spare room, administrating drugs and drips until he miraculously pulled through. The toilet cats are a litter of very nervous kittens that we found inside the lining of our car when we got it home from the mechanic after 2 months. They lived in our bathroom until they gained a little confidence and got homes of there own. Gimli cat is lucemia positive and couldn't be re-homed. Moomin was found as a ball of fluff with paralysis of the spine in a holiday rental garden. With physio and time he is now walking like a normal cat. Frog was found whilst out on a horse ride and came home barely conscious tied down my bra while we galloped home. She had been hit by a car and left dying. She still walks with a limp but runs around faster than the other kittens resembling a frog! Goblin king got his name as he was the ugliest kitten, but turned out to be the most beautiful cat. Algernon is another abandoned kitten but stole the heart of one of our team and Arancino was found by more tourists and brought to us and moved in with our neighbour. In the video you see tiny new born Pumperknickel.

A small selection of the beautiful puppies we get to enjoy here. Many of these bundles of fun have got happy new homes of their own around the world.

Last but not least.... some various other babies such as guinea pigs, ducklings, chicks, Eric and remembering the wonderful Raffle. A full blog to come in the near future on this brave little goat.

Ducklings, cameron the chick and baby guinea pigs

Bonus video of Panda the hamster and her babies!

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