A charity to save animals: Billy O’Shea charity single

cute guinea pigs
Guinea pigs.
billy oshea the rescue horse
Rescue horse Billy O’Shea

Anyone who uses Tiktok, lives in the UK or Germany has probably heard of the Wellerman from Nathan Evans by now? It is almost impossible not to have heard it. Number 1 in 3 countries and a lot of fun. An old fashioned sea shanty tune with a modern dance mix.


What has this got to do with us?

Well not a lot at this moment. But it is the start of our new campaign. We hope you will join us and have some fun along the way. My dad is a retired country and sea shanty singer. Over the years he has released many albums but retired 10 years ago. However once a entertainer, always an entertainer and some things won't change. 

Late 2020 they ( him and my mum ) retired here to Tenerife (lucky me). I think they figured after I started this sanctuary I will not be going back to the UK. So why not come and join in and enjoy the sun. Fast forward until 2 weeks ago when I had the great idea ( if i do say so myself) of releasing one of his old sea shanty tracks with a modern dance track. Much like the shanty star Nathan Evans. We are of course not trying to compete with him. But I thought it would be fun as a 70th birthday present to have 1 last chance with a hit record. Who wouldn't love to see a 70 year old with a dance track in the charts?

steve travis billy o'shea


It gets even better!

Go Daddy, he then had the idea to make it a charity single. Why didn't I think of that before? Not only would it be great fun to get my old daddy some recognition as the old rocks star he is but he then said if he makes any profits it would all come to us here. Win win. I can do something nice for my Dad and he can do something nice for us. Which ultimately is doing good for all of the animals here on Tenerife. That's the main goal. Do you think we can do it? 

dog rescue steve travis steve travis rescue horse


Can we get the track anywhere?

We have no idea yet. A country and sea shanty singer who retired way before Tiktok and social media was a craze. Along with a animal charity owner with self taught bare minimum digital marketing skills. It is not the best combination. However the track is great fun and the cause is well needed. So therefor the ingredients are there. We just need your help to get noticed. 


Does anyone know Nathan Evans?

This would be answer to all of our prayers. If he shared our track, campaign or put our track in 1 of his playlists he could change the lives of many many animals.

This is only day 1. Day 1 starts with hope and optimism. The track came onto spotify yesterday. You can listen it here.  We have had some amazing photos taken by our fantastic Volunteer Lea. Here is the youtube video for you to enjoy and share (please share it when you see it). We are working on a press release and writing to the newspaperswith another volunteer.


Do you have any other ideas that could help us with the campaign?

Do you know anyone with amazing marketing or socia media skills?

Do you know any influencer in the music world?

Or how about you know someone who knows someone who knows Nathan? 


Any ideas we are welcoming. Together we are stronger and we can do more.

steve travis


Can you help us to get a 70 year old in the charts with a charity single?


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  1. I came across your album “Sea Shanties & Pirate Songs” about two years ago and enjoyed it very much. Keep up the amazing work you do.
    PS: You are always welcome here on the station. 🙂

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