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Maybe you have seen some of these beautiful photos on our social media pages over the last week, well here is the reason why. We were very lucky to have a visit from Canary Green.

They came to meet us, see our project and interview us for a youtube video.

For those of you who do not already follow Canary Green on your chosen social media platforms, we think you should and here is the reason why. They share and promote companies that they think are doing a good job for the canary islands, and we are very proud to be one of them. They share trends and updates on what steps are being made to make the canary islands a better, greener and more sustainable place. Weather or not you have been to the canary islands, you will have probably heard of it by now as it is where we are based, and you are reading our blog after all. It is a small group of Spanish islands off of the coast of Africa loved, protected and cherished by nearly all of its residents.

These beautiful islands have very many strong points such as the weather and amazing landscape, but sadly they still struggle in points of sustainability and animal welfare which is where people like Canary green and animal sanctuaries step in, to try and help where we can and educate. The lovely people of Canary green not only promote and share online through their blog and various social media platforms they also get their hands dirty whilst doing regular beach cleans and promoting other projects such as “eat less meat” and “sustainable networking” you can see more about them on their website

Our morning with them at our finca was thoroughly enjoyable. We got to show them around our sustainable building projects such as the bottle walls and the pallet wood animal enclosures. Also we got to explain our special “poo bubbler” water cleaning system that cleans our waste water allowing us to water the plants and everyone's favourite topic the hot water heated by the horse poo! For more information on our sustainable living you can have a look our page sustainable projects “sustainable living”.

But with them not only being sustainability advocates they are also animal lovers and they happily got to meet the animals including the new girl Dequiqa who enjoyed a fuss on camera. And of course no interview would be complete without Bleepy, the guard duck, attacking visitors who came too close to “mummy”.

But our proudest moment was being able to finally show of the (very almost) finished Yurt holiday rental area. It may have taken us a bit longer than expected due to making it much more elaborate and sustainable than we first planned. But if we are doing it, we should do it really well, right? Andrea our super friendly presenter seemed very impressed and they are happy to promote our sustainable holidays.

A way to enjoy the totally different experience of staying in a Yurt on a horse sanctuary, with a sea view, a private kitchen and bathroom all built by our volunteers from materials from the bin and the landscape, its surprisingly beautiful… but don’t believe us, take Canary greens word for it or come and stay for a holiday knowing that your money is going directly into the growth of the sanctuary. We cant get any more sustainable than this.

Canary green team is super friendly and made the entire experience a pleasure, but they are very professional too. John is not only a very skilled camera man, he is also the founder of the non profit.

He came along with his daughter, 2 presenters and the equally skilled photographer Monika. This is why we got all those lovely photos that will take pride with the video on various platforms and website pages for years to come. Behind the scenes may not have been so professional on our side, trying to talk about a serious topic when the dogs were play fighting at our feet, horses pooing on camera, Frankie and Ghost the always sociable cockatiels and Rumple the boss cat who all refused to perform on camera by totally ignoring us and puppies trying to eat the fluffy thing that protects the microphone from the wind. That is just the animals, not to mention Edo and I over talking on camera, apparently we have too much to say. All of this together has created a great combination which we all hope you will enjoy. You can find this video on canary greens youtube page. Here you will also see some of there other videos of all deserving companies around the canaries.

Our first experience with team Canary Green was amazing and we hope that we can work together again one day in the future and create more amazing moments.

Together we are stronger and we are all proud to be flying the sustainability flag on the Canary islands.

You can find all of the team on facebook and instagram

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