Sustainable Projects

In addition to being a horse rescue and animal sanctuary, we are also a fully sustainable living community ran on the principles of reducing, reusing and recycling


Being part of sustainable living means promoting food waste reduction. Tenerife Horse Rescue collaborates with shops, local businesses and bakeries. As a result, we are able to feed our hungry finca with donated food, which reduces food waste for them. In addition, we feed the animals with what we don't eat and compost our organic waste. Afterwards, we use this and manure for soil to grow our own vegetables with.


80-90% of our building materials are recycled from the bins, discarded pallets and waste. We also use the resources from our own land, including stones, rocks and clay. We save our glass bottles and repurpose them for the wall around “Machu Pichu”. Our yurt and eco-holiday accommodation currently in progress. We made it with stones from the finca and ground materials, pallet wood and collected recycled waste materials.

Water and Power

Our electricity comes from handmade wind turbines, solar power and a generator. We have also come out with some ways to reduce electricity use altogether. Using rotten food to make gas to cook with and our bike powered washing machine system! Our water system is of our own personal design, made for all of our finca needs. It runs across our property, feeding our plants, filling up the duck pond and filtered. We have warm showers thanks to manure causing a natural heating effect on our pipes.


We have a team of volunteers that build and live on our finca, as part of a sustainable community. From taking care of our animals, building, gardening, plumbing, welding and cooking – there’s always something going on on the property. Please go to our volunteer page for more information.

Look out for upcoming blogs on some of our more recent sustainable living community projects, from our volunteers and about how we have adapted to eco-living.
Sustainable Projects

Our community of volunteers.

Rescue horse Sanctuary Holiday Rental

Building using recycled crates and materials.

Sustainable Projects

Wall made from recycled glass bottles.

Sustainable Projects

Building using rocks and clay from our land.

Sustainable Projects

Personalised water filtration system.

Manure composting as part of sustainable living

Manure composting.