rescue horse
rescue horse
rescue horse

Pretty little Capri, Boss of the finca!

He may be little and cute, but don't be fooled Capri is a tough guy in his little frame. Respected by all the horses and the top choice for the ladies! Capri has been with us from the very beginning our first real rescue on the island (after Echo, but you can read his story) and the easiest problem to fix. He eased us in gently and we wish all problems had such an easy solution. Capri was an excursion horse before he came to us, he was in good condition, nice weight and pretty well cared for ( for our rescue standards) however he was used twice daily for excursions. He was the "slow beginners" horse and was getting slower and harder work to motivate apparently. Sadly this is another case of ignorance, the reason was because he was in crippling pain with one of his back legs. After coming to us and being allowed to relax and let his feelings show we soon saw he was going through the pain. The vets diagnosed as acute arthritis with no cure, he would be lame forever so should be put to sleep as it was cruel to keep him when he was unable to walk.

Luckily for Capri this is not the case AT ALL. After we removed his metal shoes, allowed him to rest and relax knowing he didn't need to perform through the pain, a course of light anti-inflammatory and slow introduction of gentle exercise within 2 months he was perfectly sound and 2 years later he hasn't had any lameness since and is certainly NOT the slow beginners horse. He very much enjoys riding and is one of the fastest horses we have who wants to gallop at every chance. He now has a permanent sharer who he has bonded with,he is very lucky to have the unconditional love of a teenage girl.


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