Iggy man the 1st! – Start of our animal sanctuary

Tenerife Horse Rescue owners
What’s the plan?
Who came first? The Winner of “who started it all” goes to the one and only Iggy pup!

This scruffy little terrier is where it all began over 11 years ago. I was still in the UK, just moved out from my parents house into a little caravan with a little bit of land, already I had chickens, guinea pigs, gerbils and a cat. But then Iggy came along and started something, he opened my eyes to the fact there is so many unfortunate animals out there who need help, love and a home.

The difficult starting time
I wasn’t planning on getting a dog, I was only 18 at the time. But anyway it happened. The runt of the litter and abandoned by his parents, starving and unable to get any food, thin, dirty and sad. The man who had them temporarily was living in 1 room attic with no access to outside space. I went round to walk his dogs (that was my job at the time) and I came out having rescued a 9 month old, terribly behaved, terribly scared puppy that I had no idea what to do with. My mum wasn’t really impressed with me to say the least. The hard work for me just begun, months of poo in the house, chewing my sofa, knocking everything off the shelves the second I left the house, crying (me), vomit in the car (him), barking and more barking (also him). But every second was worth it.

Choosing my way in life
He taught me what dogs have to give, how to love unconditionally and he always spurred me on to study dog training, animal first aid and to dedicate my life to animals. Little did we know that he was going to be the start of my way in life. Thanks to this wonderful little dog 100’s of animals more have been saved.

Iggy has been by my side all of this time, not only leading the path for my life in rescuing animals but helping me when I needed it most, my best friend, my shoulder to cry on when relationships broke up, cuddling me when I was sick, he has moved various countries with me, lived on boats, in caravans, followed me on my ridiculous ideas and all the time my right hand man.

A benevolent dog

When I was running our charity shop for Remus Horse Sanctuary back in the UK, he would sit happily by the door and greet every customer with a waggy tail. Customers still miss him now, 6 years later. Wherever I go, Iggy goes. He has helped to rehabilitate so many animals over the years thanks to his wonderful temperament. Always looking out for other dogs, cats, even guinea pigs and rabbits. He used to share his bed with a Lionhead bunny when I was 21 and has shared a water bowl over the years with countless cats, goats, pigs, rabbits and dogs.

To celebrate mine and Iggys 10 year anniversary together we had a trip to the tattoo shop...here is his footprint with me forever.

Iggy's legacy

He may be starting to slow and it breaks my heart every day that he is getting old now, starting to forget things, barking when he doesn't realise and even having accidents in the house. He needs me more than ever now, like I needed him. We are sure he has many happy years left with us playing on the beach and running around the finca…at these times he still seems like a puppy. But whatever happens Iggy’s legacy will live on forever and for years to come thousands of animals from Refugio de Animales horse holidays Tenerife will thank him for starting it all.

Well done, you are the best Iggster!!

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