Update on Geronimo

Update on Xavi
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Dear Sponsors, apologies that our first update took so long – as you know our place is only run by volunteers and we are always very busy to take care of all our animals.

We are happy to say that our big boy Geronimo is doing well. During the winter and the change of fur which comes with it he always uses to struggle a bit with keeping his weight, but by amending his food portions we have been able to avoid him loosing much weight this time. In his old life, Geronimo has been tied up at his back legs which, until now, is causing swellings on his legs and sheath. We found out that movement helps a lot to bring down the swelling, so we give him enough excercise and he loves it. He is an energetic horse but in an absolutely lovely way and always happy to go out.

A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from a professional sheath cleaning lady, which came all the way from Scotland to treat our horses for free. How amazing is that? It certainly also helped Geronimo with his swollen sheath and he was very calm and patient during the procedure. First a bit unsure about what is going on, after a couple of minutes he was super relaxed and enjoying his cuddles as always. Well done, Geronimo!

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