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Lio is a big cuddly ball of hair! He smells worst than you can imagine and makes noises like something from gremlins, but he is loved by everyone.

Lio is a spanish water dog and lives up to his breed, he is the happiest when he is in the water, but poor lio has lots of skin allergies and skin conditions. The reason he ended up in our care was because his treatments were to complicated and expensive, he is allergic to everything from fleas, topical flea treatments, many skin creams and so on causing a trap of itchy pain. He was on steroids for such a long time when we got him that he was struggling to pee, he has bladder stones as a reaction to the steroids and couldn't function with pain.

Originally we had Lio living in our parents house to give him a break from the fleas and dust of the finca but he just kept getting worse and worse until he started crying and refusing to get back into the car to leave the finca. We let him stay with the finca dogs and almost as if by magic, after years of different treatments his skin conditions improved, he itched less even with having more contact with fleas. Now working with a vet and trusting him (sometimes he asks to come and stay the night in the house) his skin is better than it has ever been and he is happier than ever.

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