Volunteer experience holidays with us

If you’d like to visit us and the animals but can not commit for an extended period in the positions we are looking for. Or maybe you would like to learn some skills or experience animal sanctuary life. You can volunteer for a short time without needing any experience or a minimum stay time, we have a couple of accommodation options available for you to book.

Volunteering is a fun and hands-on way to immerse yourself in a field of interest, invest in an area you want to pursue for study or simply a way to give back.

As a volunteer with us you will spend your days involved in all different ways of providing care and support for our rescue animals, from bottle feeding baby goats to giving appropriate medicine to the animals that need it, or simply exercising some of our beautiful horses with a walk around the village.

We maintain a healthy balance between working, learning and playing. As all of our animals have been rescued or found abandoned due to abuse or neglect, our main focus is on rehabilitation for carefully vetted re-adoption. Or they are put into retirement to live their lives to the very best they can, being cared for by our volunteers in peace.

You are not just here to "work" with animals, you are here to learn about a beautiful way of caring for every unique animal.

Please note prices vary slightly depending on the time of year. We do not have a booking system online so contact us for availability.

The luxury option: The private Mongolian Yurt.

With this option you will be working with the animals in the day and relaxing in our beautiful luxury Mongolian yurt by the evening, with your own private kitchen, bathroom and living space to enjoy.

You will have an entirely private section of the sanctuary, with a double bed in our luxury Mongolian yurt. The beauty of this accommodation is reflected in the pricing, as this incredible area boasts a double furnished room with a private bathroom, and separate kitchenette and lounge area. Whilst you are encouraged to join us every day for the community food, you will have your own private fridge and a beautiful terrace, whilst in the heart of the finca, it still provides a serene place to relax and unwind after your days. Everything has been hand built by our volunteers, from the painted doors to the glass mosaic floor. It really is the jewel in the crown of our finca and has been home to many international celebrities and influencers who have enjoyed a stay here.

Prices are between 300-500€ a week including airport collection/drop off and all food and water from our “freegan” movement. For more information check the freegan section on our website


The Cupcake House:

With our new and appropriately named cupcake house we can offer a more hands on and immersed volunteer experience. You will have a quirky private accommodation with beautiful views built by the volunteers and materials found on our land in the very heart of the sanctuary.

This option will mean you share the kitchen and bathroom with up to 40 other volunteers. Our team is very friendly and always happy to share their community space and meet new people.

You will get the full experience of living in a community. Complete with all the ups and downs: enjoying great conversations around communal meals or waiting for your turn to use the shower!

Prices are between 15-20€ a night including airport collection/drop off and all food and water from our “freegan” movement. For more information check the freegan section on our website


This volunteer experience is very similar to the above cupcake house. You will again be fully immersed into the community living but with this option you would be choosing a basic safari tent.

Set up with 2 single beds in a very secluded and quiet part of the sanctuary surrounded only by nature. You can enjoy this experience alone or with a friend slightly set back from the busy heart of the sanctuary. You are still very close to everything but with a little more privacy if required.

Prices are 15€ single or 25€ double a night including airport collection/drop off and all food and water from our “freegan” movement. For more information check the freegan section on our website.

The best thing about staying here is that you will see exactly where your money will be going. You will see exactly the animals you help with your time and donations. The money raised from your stay at THR is ploughed back into the sanctuary, enabling us to provide ongoing care for our animals and for any purchases required for building and maintenance materials.

For more information contact Alex on volunteer@tenerifehorserescue.com