The beautiful holiday rental yurt is finally complete.

It may be a little later than we expected, however it is much better than we ever expected!

Over the last year we have been working very hard with all of our volunteers to build a private paradise on site that we can rent for holidays out with every penny going directly into the  animal rescue sanctuary. We soon found out that we could not rely on donations alone so we came up with another idea that should hopefully be more reliable and we can give something back to our amazing followers in the form of a once in a lifetime holiday experience.


Holiday in a Mongolian yurt on a animal sanctuary

A holiday here is very special and something different. The sanctuary is set in a very quiet, peaceful surrounding with your only neighbours as animals in every direction. Perfect panoramic views over the horse fields to the sea, which is only a 10 minute walk to the quaint village of La Jaca.

The yurt is enclosed by handmade bottle walls and a herb garden wall to create a private paradise in the heart of the sanctuary. The bedroom is inside the authentic yurt with glass panels above to view the stars. Along a handmade mosaic path created from broken tiles by a volunteer, you will reach the kitchen and bathroom. Dry stone wall built kitchen with beautiful views to the sea and more amazing tiling. Bathroom complete with stone built shower from stones from the land.

Everything has been built from recycled materials by the hands of our volunteers. Find out more on the volunteers page. We believe in sustainability and everything follows this. Electricity is provided from solar panels and even the hot water is heated through the power of horse manure! Don't worry it doesn't reach your water!


Free holidays for influencers

Are you an influencer online who likes animals? If so then we would like to offer you a free holiday in the Yurt. We are unable to legally rent out Yurt for the next 6 months, so we can however offer it to influencers. We would like you to come and enjoy a completely free holiday on our animal sanctuary in exchange for a review, a vlog/ blog/ photos and helping to get Tenerife horse rescue more followers on facebook, instagram of youtube. Currently we rely solely on donations until we can rent this, for this we need to grow our followers, so if you are an influencer who likes animals then you can help us.