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This weeks blog coincides with a very difficult decision we have made. I want to use this space to share Zingaros story of his time with us. From beginning to nearly the end.

Our life online regularly comes across bright, positive and full of happiness. It is for the part of it, and we like to to show you these sides to make people smile. It is also a way we have learnt to be so that we do spend our life crying at the heartbreaking animal welfare and for the animals that it is to late to help. This is the case for Zingaro. Everyday we swear about his old owner. "why didn't he help him at the moment of his injury, or give him to us then" 

Why did they wait, make him suffer unnecessarily and leave it until it was to late for us to heal him? This is the past. There is nothing we can do other than our best. This is what we did from the moment we rescued Zingaro. Thanks to the amazing community on facebook that helped us afford to try many routes to change his life. At the very least we gave him a chance and some moments of happiness. 

What do we know about his past?

The quick answer is not a lot. We know that he had an accident. Apparently a kick and was left to fend for himself in a pack of dominant horses. We do not know the extent of his injury at the time. But from examinations, x rays and expert opinions they think that it was more than an injury and some type of Sepsis reached the bone causing the extreme deformity in its healing.

The moment he arrived.

This was a heartbreaking arrival, we all cried. It was around 9pm in the dark. This poor little scared horse hopped down the ramp of the truck. Only his ripped open skin holding his bones together. He had no energy to hold his head and fight and he let us lead him to his new paddock where Aslan welcomed him, having been in his situation only weeks before.

The first night was peaceful and the morning sun came to show us the extent of his condition. It was worse than we previously thought. His knee was 3 times the size it should be, his neck barely had any unbroken skin, rotten teeth, his maine was all rastas and he was shut down beyond belief. Click on the photos bellow to see them bigger.



The first few weeks

He started to find his voice and the place in the herd. Number 1, above all the horses. The tests and treatments started. Trial and error, time and time again. No one was sure how he would react to anything and sadly nothing made any improvement. He found his confidence with humans, once he stopped being scared of us he felt the confidence to talk to us. Sadly what he had to say wasn't very happy at all. He could be very aggressive with us. It is never for no reason, we listen and understand that his aggressive days are when he feels worse. He has good days and bad days. The bad days he doesn't want to be touched. The good days he is very happy for a cuddle and a walk with his favorite human, our volunteer Lena. He created a bond with her from day one.

Lena worked daily with him, listening to what he needed. Taking it all slow, taking him walking, target training and even sitting for hours in his paddock reading a book just to be with him. 

Unfortunately even with all of the expert care, the time, the knowledge, the tests and treatments nothing improved. It has now come to the point where there is nothing else left to try and we must admit defeat and think only about Zingaros well being and not our feelings.

It breaks our heart to say 

That we have all come to the conclusion the let him cross over the rainbow bridge rather than suffer a long life. Although his time with us was very short, it was filled with love, understanding, food and pain relief. Zingaro managed to enjoy some times pain free and will leave this world with friends,  a full belly, shining coat and looking beautiful. This was not a decision we took lightly, we took our time to make sure it was the right one after trying every option available to us. Our philosophy is  to help any animal we can whilst giving them a chance, however we refuse to watch them suffer. Without pain relief Zingaro suffers. He hops around on 3 legs until his pain relief kicks in. Exercise makes him worse and in more pain. This is no life for a young horse and his condition will only deteriorate. He would never be able to run free in the paradise paddock or go for walks with the other horses, only stay in his small space. This would cause numerous other health problems and unnecessary suffering.

This week

Zingaro will be on a strong pain relief so he feels no pain, he will eat as much yummy snacks as he wants and stay with his friends until the day will come. We currently do not have an exact date as we will have to arrange the vets around the removal of his body to make this as pain free and dignified as possible for him. Along with the pain, questioning if we are doing the right thing and sadness on top of this unfortunately this will be costing us around 500 euros. So if anyone wants to donate to his trip across the rainbow bridge they can via the options on our how to help page

Thank you all so much for your support, understanding and help though this hard time. We will leave you with some beautiful pictures of Zingaros time with us here at Tenerife Horse Rescue.

We will also put all videos of his vet visits, x rays and him painfully hoping on patreon. so if you would like to be an insider you can on patreon.com

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  1. Carolyn jennette Chakori says:

    Has Tenerife not got an equivalent of our rspca ? Previous owners should be prosecuted. What about the police. ?

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