Mr waterson

Yin was found when he was only a few days old, but his mum was suffering and could not feed him. His sibling had already passed away. Amazingly he was still alive and fighting even without having a first feed, no colostrum or mummies milk at all. Some lovely people rescued him and brought him to us.

So he came to us frail, starving and sickly. At first we did not expect him to survive but against all odds he started to thrive.

Fast forward until now and he is crazy, full of life and is convinced that he is a dog and not a goat. His main carer has been Pauli, one of our volunteers. She was up during the night doing the bottle feeds, keeping him safe and he sleeps inside her van with him. This may seem cute, but this little thing loves to scream and pee…. EVERYWHERE. Whenever he comes to visit the office, kitchen, our house he jumps up high, climbs on your back, climbs on your sofa and pees!

Luckily he is cute and hilarious. We all love him so much.

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