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Wonky by name, Wonky by nature!

Wonky is another dog that came to us after spending his entire life in a rescue centre. No one chose him because of his legs, he was born with a deformation which makes him very wonky. After years of staying still in his cage he had deteriorated so much that he could barely walk. 

We took him to join the finca family, this gives him the freedom to move around the finca and slowly build up his muscles to strengthen his legs.  He has gone from strength to strength. He used to drag himself around where as now he can even run. However he will always be wonky! But as long as he enjoys his life and trips out with the volunteers he will be here with us.

If you choose to be Wonky's sponsor you will get updated with any news with him. Watch as he enjoys day trips or has experiences with his physiotherapy. See it here first if you choose to be his monthly sponsor.

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