rescue horse
rescue horse
rescue horse

Turbo the famous gentle giant of the finca!!

This poor horse has an amazing story like no others, he is famous on the island.
He was born around 1993 and brought to the island as Turbo, a very expensive high level jumping horse, he had a great career in jumping, he was well loved, well cared for and famous for his talent. He was sadly sold on to a less competitive home as he aged and ended up in a riding school teaching jumping. Rumour has it that he was to feisty and jumped out of the paddocks are ran away with students (we believe this as he still has this spirit even now) here the chain was lost and somehow he was abandoned. Some years later a kind lady rescued him from skin and bones not knowing his past she called him William. She loved him, cared for him and brought him back to health and started a career in dressage ( he was around 19-20 here but with a lot to give) She had him for some years but thought it was to much for him and she already had other horses so gave him to someone so he could enjoy his old life as a hobby horse. Somehow the chain was lost again and he was left starving and fighting for his life for the second time. This time he came to us in 2018 and to honour his past he is named Turbo Williams, sadly he was barely able to stand, we had to call the vet the first time he rolled thinking he wasn't going to make it up again, but he was in surprisingly good health for his weight and age other than a huge burst abscess right at the coronet band. His hoof was hardly attached when he came into our hands due to his lack of care and nutrition, but what was extremely sad was that he had a recent pair of shoes on. We only hope that this wasn't because he was being ridden. With close work with our barefoot trimmer, a tailored diet and 7 months without much movement his feet have made a full recovery as has he. He has put on weight slowly but nicely. At the beginning of his rehabilitation for fitness it was not looking promising, he had no fight for life anymore. We had to drag him around with luring carrots to get the smallest bit of movement from him but with time he accepted that in hand walking was part of his life now and agreed to come as long as he had company however very miserable. There were many times we didn't think he had the fight to get through. Then one day much further into rehab we were preparing another horse for riding and it was clear to see Turbos excitement. We put the saddle on him and he sprung to life, almost as if he felt purpose again. From that day he wore a saddle every time he was walking and the life just came back to him. He gained strength and became more positive everyday. Now this day he thoroughly enjoys little walks around the village in hand with the other horses or with kids and light riders. Turbo still has an incredible zest for life and now he is healthy again he shows no sign of slowing down whatsoever.
Turbos original owner and his first rescuer have both been in contact once they found out we had him, they had been looking for him in the past and are very happy to know he is safe but sad to find out his history. Regulary we have visitors to the sanctuary from the island who know him from his time in the circuit and we still learn more stories of his past.

Keep going Turbo, you don't have to worry about being hungry and left ever again, just continue to enjoy life. Its your turn now.

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