Introducing our first EVER virtual event for Tenerife Horse Rescue!

Do you want to make a difference to the lives of rescue animals, at the same time as getting fit and connecting with nature? Sign up for The Animal March challenge, and join other animal loving, eco-warriors, marching together to raise vital funds for the future of Tenerife Horse Rescue!

This year we are challenging you to do 80 miles over the month of March! (That's 130 km to some of you!)

That's 80 miles, done your way, if you walk, run or jog! You can do it with a buddy, a team, with your favourite four-legged friend, or just flying solo, but every single step you take will help to raise awareness and funds to help us continue the dream we started; ensuring that every animal on the Island of Tenerife (and further!) is safe from abandonment, abuse, and neglect, forever.
Does 80 miles seem like a lot? We celebrate diversity here at Tenerife Horse Rescue, and believe that every human and animal is perfectly unique, with different skills and strengths. Therefore we want this challenge to be as accessible as possible.

Maybe you're taking it on with a child, maybe you'd prefer to shorten the amount of miles to fit your life style or abilities, perhaps you're a super-athlete who wants to double the distance! We're all in this together, so it's your challenge, your way.

Signing up as an individual or group?

Join our #teamTHR Facebook Group now, set up your fundraiser, and we'll send you your t-shirt and welcome pack to get you started!
If you don't have Facebook and would still like to participate, pop us an email at for other options!

Signing up as a school, club or business?

Send us an email with the details to, or give us a call/shoot us a Whatsapp message to +34672350505 to get started!

Still have some questions?

Check out our FAQ's below to learn more!

We can't wait to kick off this challenge next month, thank you from all the Finca Family at Tenerife Horse Rescue, and good luck! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.📣When do I get my t-shirt and welcome pack?
We will start sending out t-shirts from the beginning of February and it normally takes about 10 working days (not including weekends) to get your t-shirt. Please note; as we are a small charity, due to high delivery costs we can only deliver t-shirts to people who are living in either UK or on the Island of Tenerife, we are so sorry for the inconvenience, but encourage you to wear whatever t-shirt you like, or make your own! 🙂
Q.📣 What is the challenge?
The challenge is to walk, run or jog 80 miles over the month of March! You can do this with your favourite four legged friend, with a buddy, a group, or just flying solo!
Q.📣 When does my challenge start?
The challenge starts on the 1st March, but we encourage everyone to start getting some practise walks in during February, test out those old walking boots!
Q. 📣 How do I prove how I’ve done my miles?
We trust you! But if you want to, you can download an app like Strava or Fitbit so you can log your miles and share it with this group! It's a good idea to regularly update your supporters to let them know how many miles you've done too , because this can boost your fundraising! Also, by sharing updates in the Facebook group you will be helping to keep others motivated too!
Q.📣 What is a Facebook fundraiser?
It is a fundraising page that you set-up and run within Facebook. You can also post updates, invite your friends and family, and share it with your loved ones on your News feed! Create yours here 👉
Q, 📣 How do I share it with my Facebook friends?
Share videos, pictures, and posts to your Facebook fundraiser page and on your personal Facebook page. For friends and family who aren't on Facebook, be sure to email and WhatsApp too. You can also share our milestone markers (which can be found in an album in the Facebook group) to shout about your progress. The more you post, the more people will see it, and the closer you’ll get to your goal!
Q.📣 How do I find the Facebook group?
Follow this link to get onto the group, where there will be exciting prizes, plenty of support and an amazing community to help you succeed! 👉 See you there! 🙂
Q.📣 How do my friends donate?
There is a donate button on the Facebook fundraiser, which is simple and quick to use from either a mobile, tablet or laptop device!
Q.📣 What is the best way to raise more money with Facebook fundraisers?
Make it personal and make it fun! Share about your favourite animal, why you want to support Tenerife Horse Rescue! Post regular updates on your Facebook fundraisers to make people feel involved in your challenge. Post videos. Post Selfies. Tag friends. The more likes and comments, the more money you will raise so be as creative as you can be! And don't by shy to keep moving your fundraising target up the closer to get to it! People are more motivated to support you if you are close to your target, rather than if you have hit it!
Q📣 How much money do I have to raise?
There is no minimum sponsorship target to take part in the challenge. Every penny counts! The more money you can raise, the more support we can provide to animals rescued from abuse and neglect. To find out more about how the money you raise makes a difference visit our website here
Q📣 What if I don't finish the challenge?
That is no problem at all! This is a challenge not a competition, it may not be possible for everyone to do the full 80, or life might get in the way! Either way you are still raising funds and awareness for this amazing charity, and we are so grateful to have you on board!
Q. 📣What % of the money does Facebook take?
0%. All donations go directly to Tenerife Horse Rescue. This is a major advantage of Facebook over other fundraising options! If you have any other questions that are not answered here, ask in the group and an admin will help you, or pop an email to! Best of luck! 🐴🐾💙