What came first the name or the tattoo ( on Emma's back)?

If you have ever seen Emma's back you will see a big tattoo of a cat. When this cat was rescued he came with no name only a very strong resemblance of the tattoo. This is where he got his name. Not only does he have a strong story with this, he was actually the reason we built our leukemia enclosure. Sadly Tattoo tested postive and he didn't have very good options.

With so many cats needed homes, the likeliness of an older sick cat getting a chance to be re homed is very slim. The other option was euthanasia. A terrible option for a happy and lively cat. So this left us with only 1 more option, build him somewhere to live. This is how the enclosure started. Shortly after he got friends to come and live with him inside the VIP zone.

If you choose to sponsor Tattoo your money will go to expanding and improving the Leukemia  enclosure. If you sponsor him monthly we will give you updates on his care and how he is doing inside.

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