Website is under construction

Website is under construction

Hi everyone. Firstly apologies if you got this message 3 times.

I just wanted to send a group message to all of you amazing sponsors to update you on why it has been so quiet recently.

1, We have been very under-volunteered in the office. Which has meant that I have not had much time to update due to the new building projects. However we have a new long term volunteer coming in September so hopefully she can take over.

2, our website is under construction for the next month or so. We had a volunteer design a beautiful new shiny website which is in the process of being updated. During this time anything we update will get lost as we change over. For this you will not see anything for some time.

Sorry and Thank you so much for your continued support, we could not do this without your monthly help.

Lots of love from me (Emma) and the finca family to you the extended finca family.

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