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Tiny little crazy Smeagol always the centre of attention.

We had 8 pointer puppies who came to the finca, all up for adoption just staying with us to get their vaccinations and health checks while they wait for their forever homes. We make up temporary names for them during their stay so us and the volunteers know who is who, obvious names such as "happy" for the happiest puppy, "Domino" for the one with domino markings... then we had Smeagol! Can you see the resemblance?

Little did we know that poor little Smeagol was going to stay, by this point the name had stuck and we tried to change it but Smeagol it was! She was the runt of the litter, severely malnourished, dehydrated and with legs constantly in the splits but despite this she had the bravest personality, when they others needed time to trust humans, Smeagol was full of fight, energy and spirit from day one. We struggled to rehome all of the pointers due to the amount of dogs needing homes on the island so she became part of the finca family, this way we can be sure she will get the treatments and physiotherapy she will need in later life. Little Smeegs is doing really well and growing into a beautiful young girl with a name that doesn't match!

If you choose to sponsor her you will always have a smile on your face as its contagious from her. She loves everyone and everything!

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