If you have followed us recently you may have seen #reachrickygervais on some of our social media pages. On our facebook, youtube highlights and we created a twitter account based around reaching Ricky Gervais.

No, here at the finca head quarters we are not obsessed stalkers of Ricky Gervais! We just think Ricky would like what we do and we are just helping him to see it!


So why Ricky?

Because of his amazing morals and dedication to animal welfare that's why. He is able to give animals a voice that they don't have. This is exactly our motto. This is the reason we are here to allow our horses and animals to find their voice when before they could not. We may be doing it on a much smaller scale but only because people do not know who we are. First we need to find our voice to continue giving our animals a voice.

Look how many lives we have saved already in our first 2 years, imagine how many lives we could save with a voice as loud as Ricky's on our side.


Our top 10 reasons why we need Ricky's help and why we think he would like to do it..

  1. Ricky has a big love for animal rights! Rumour has it that when he watches animal videos, whether it be an animal rescue or animal cruelty, he can be known to shed a little tear. Animal welfare really gets to him. It’s depressing, he said in an interview with The Guardian. Who knows maybe he would like our videos enough to retweet or share one?
  2. Ricky is a real Advocate for rescue animals, he regularly tries to get People to support Their Local sanctuaries and if they want to get a pet of their own he always suggests to adopt and not shop. We obviously agree whole-heartedly with this, there are so many millions of animals needed a home there really is no valid reason to buy a pet now a days. 

  3. Animal cruelty is not acceptable in anyway to Ricky, whether it is for sport, hobby, fun, faith or tradition it is not ok! Again we and I imagine anyone reading our website will also agree. How is it ok to make an animal suffer for your selfish needs? We need this voice to help people realise that animals have feelings and they do not deserve to suffer. This is hugely common in the ridden horse world and something we deal with personally on a day to day basis.                                                            
  4. "If you don't have empathy with animals you don't have empathy" another top quote. We could do a list of quotes alone as if we had written them. His words are exactly what we want to say.                                                                                                       
  5. Apparently according to look at the stars.com he supports 29 charities publicly, many in which are animals in need. So why not a small volunteer run, self funded, eco-friendly animal charity in Tenerife?                                                                         
  6. $25,000 of his last tour was donated to Delta Society to help human health through therapy animals, another venture in which we plan to join once we can afford to get it started and licenses. Another lump sum when to  American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). We don't even ask for his money ( although a donation would be gratefully received) we would prefer his voice to help us grow and be heard. This help can be for free.                                                           
  7.  Lets not miss a obvious point. As well as being super thoughtful, caring, clever and an animal lover. He is funny too! Who wouldn't want Mr Gervais on their team?                                                                                                                                                        
  8. We may not be very good at Twitter, but Ricky is. He regularly tweets about animal charities, sanctuaries and shelters. He also share encouraging words to make the world for animals a better place.                                                                                        
  9. Our start of our campaign #reachrickygervais has already been a lot of fun and we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our kind followers pull funny faces with their beloved animals to help us help them.  Ricky's online presence is real, approachable and genuine. We would be honoured to be noticed in any way.                                                                                       
  10. Last but certainly not least our animals mean the world to us, they are our world and we want to make their world. We have come a long way already but we won't stop while animals still need our help. Ricky Gervais gives encouragement and optimism that people do care about animals and although our daily battle is hard, painful and slow it is worth it, every step of the way!
"#reachrickygervais @tenerifehorserescue"

Tenerife Horse Rescue supporters helping us to reach Ricky Gervais