Billy O’Shea

A charity to save animals: Billy O’Shea charity single
billy oshea the rescue horse
Rescue horse Billy O’Shea
billy oshea rescue horse

This horse came to us at an interesting time and is therefor a little famous already.

Unlike his previous life Billy O'Shea now has a name, and a meaningful name. He arrived at exactly the time our charity single "fall down Billy O'Shea" was released and during our name raffle this name was picked for him. The single is to raise money for the horses of Tenerife so why not start with Billy O'Shea. His new life of fame is a far away as possible from his previous life where he was going to be killed for meat to feed the dogs. 

Due to his injuries in his legs which  make him unable to ride he was deemed unworthy of life. He was not allowed a chance of happiness and freedom, Luckily some people got hold of him and kept him for a month until they could get him to a safe place. As soon as we found out the story we took him without a second thought. Unfortunately his feet are in terrible condition but it is early days and he is already improving well.

To listen to the track you can on spotify or on our youtube channel


Billy O’Shea

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