The Rescue Horse – Healing From Inside Out
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rescue horse

Quarentino is 9 years old thoroughbred and came to us during lockdown, hence the name!

Prior to joining the finca, this beautiful boy had spent 7 years in the same home in a paddock alone with no other horses. He had been trained with harsh traditional methods ( we heartbreakingly witnessed this as he was loaded into a box with whips , which resulted in rearing and a back flip over the edge of a wall) and arrived as a very shut down and extremely sensitive horse. He was exhibiting nervous and dangerous behaviour when other horses or humans would come near him or enter his personal space. In fact, in all of the years I have worked with horses, he is the most nervous boy I have worked with!

Due to financial hardship/ loss of interest his previous owner could no longer afford to care for him properly so he was left with the bare minimum of food and care, unfortunately, Quarentino came to us very skinny, malnourished and with severe stomach ulcers. As you can see, after some time, appropriate treatment he's already looking better and is incredibly handsome now!
While working with him we went totally back to basics so that he could gain confidence around us and the other horses. We have found his lost voice, by giving him options and to get him to want to do things rather than forcing him, with positive reinforcement, lots of patience and love. He has gained a lot of confidence from his target and he keeps growing from strength to strength.
Every step we take is in his own time, which is at an incredibly slow pace, but he's making progress day by day and it's so rewarding to see him choose to allow people into his space!

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