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Did anyone see Tenerife Horse Rescue's Debut on national uk TV yesterday? If not here is a glimpse of what you missed. Complete with TV twists, added drama and all.

Approached by the TV

3 months ago we had a phone call from a researched for Channel 5, british TV. They were planning their episode of Rich holiday Poor holiday in Tenerife. The general story of the show is to take a "poor family" and send them on a "rich holiday" and take a "rich family" and send them on a "poor family". They can then learn each others lifestyles and see things they would not normal see.

This particular poor family generally did working holidays to finance their trips. So the point of this episode was the send the rich family on a working holiday. This is exactly where we come into it. They came to do a working holiday with us on our sanctuary.

Don't trust everything you see on TV

Although in this case not a lot was exaggerated from our part. "the needs of the animals come first and the volunteers second" is actually true. We are also in the need of repairs, however they may have exaggerated how "run down" the place is. We are brand new and still building. So quite the opposite. Clever editing was done to show the place in a mess. For example the big pile of bottles out of context, we look like alcoholics when in fact it was used for bottle walls. Unfortunately none of this was shown, or our fancy eco buildings. But we understand why and we all watched it together as a team and laughed. What made us laugh the most is the misleading information of where they girls stayed. They were actually staying in our yurt which is relatively luxury. Maybe to luxury for a poor holiday. A compliment in there somewhere.

Katya and Julia

These girls are truly lovely people, and we loved every minute of having them here. They fit right in, even off camera. The nights we enjoyed their company around the fire and with our community meals. They told us where they came from and how they made their wealth by hard work and dedication. They are inspiring and humble. Very pro our no waste policy and animal welfare. We still keep in contact and hope to see them again one day here with their children. To follow them on instagram check out the links below.

Julia  Katya


Why did we do it?

Free advertising of course! As we rely solely on donations to keep running and care for these animals we need as many people as possible to know about us. It was a gamble but it paid off. Even if they kept showing the boys walking around topless and in towels.  We think that we were portrayed as us well. It showed some of the struggles we encounter, the needs of our animals and the Organised chaos working as a team to save as many animals as possible and to save waste.

More or less how we are. Except Will( our long term Scottish volunteers), Don't believe him to be such a gentleman!


We would do it again anytime, the entire experience was great. Having cameras on so we can talk about the work we do and our life made us proud.The people we met. The film crew, the girls were all lovely and we thank them all for allowing us to be a part of it!

So if you haven't already seen it you can on channel 5 catch up!

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  1. Amanda K says:

    Yes, I did and I’m an action and adventure holidaymaker and last night’s episode was food for thought. I have never worked voluntary abroad, I have here in the UK but would love to come and do a week with you guys once covid allows.

  2. Suzanne says:

    i loved this episode and it has really made me think about a working holiday. I thought the two girls really got stuck in with whatever task was given to them. Hats off to you all for the work you are doing. xx

  3. Jo Walmsley-Preece says:

    I just watched this episode. I did notice your lovely bottle walls! We lived in Tenerife for 7 years in the early 90’s and do miss it! I said to my husband that’s what I want to do on holiday…. make a little difference! Dulux looks a fun little dude! Before Covid I had an charity box running ( I am a home from home dog boarder and Walker. ) I will set one up for you when we open ?You are all Truly inspiring. I hope to get to meet you all one day!

  4. pippi says:

    i have followed you since you started and am so impressed with your progress and your webpage. You ROCK !!

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