rescue horse
Rescue pig on field

Peppa is our very first pig at the finca.

We rescued her at 2 weeks of age and soon she adapted to life in our parents house ( where we lived at the time) with a bottle. She took to bottle feeding super easily and happily grew up with the cats and dogs in the house. We had a few complications in her early life due to a bad start. But with time, patience and love she came out the other side.... she grew up with her best friend Woody a minature yorkshire terrier puppy and a kitten. They started all the same size, when the other 2 stopped growing Peppa continued and continued to become a huge pig! Her best friend is now a horse. Peppa still thinks she is a dog and enjoys belly rubs and cuddles. She would try to get on your lap still if you let her!

Unfortunately Peppa was bred for meat, not supposed to live past the age of 1 and this has meant that even with a healthy diet and lifestyle she has grown so big that her body struggles with the weight. For now she still enjoys life, eating and wallowing in her mud pool.

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