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Would you like to see behind the scenes, follow closely your favourite horse, read and watch updates in your own time from a platform that stores them all with easy user friendly access?

If so, sponsor an animal monthly by becoming a patreon.

We have recently been introduced to the world of patreon. It was originally designed for creators and artists to share their work and get paid directly. The same applies for non profits and animal sanctuaries. So we thought we would give it a go and we have been pleasantly surprised so far. It is easy to use, pay monthly smart platform. You can sponsor animal monthly direct to your chosen horse or tier to have the rewards and benefits you choose. We will offer first access to all news, videos and updates directly.


Become Patreon

We have so many platforms to keep on top of. Thus, it's becoming a full time job just to keep the digital world up to date. Therefore it is currently run by one of our lovely live-in volunteers. She updates daily photos, stories, news and private patron only videos for you to keep up with your favourites in between working with some of the rehab horses.

You can choose your tier which start with as little as 3 euros a month and they all have different benefits and bonus's. Every penny goes direct to the sanctuary and helps us to keep the horses healthy happy and rescue more. Most importantly, you can be confident that your money is going directly where you want it to.


Thank you in advance for sponsoring an animal monthly!

We hope you like Patreon as much as we do. Our team really enjoys giving something back to our followers and sponsors to show how much we really appreciate you all. Hopefully we gain as many patreons as possible so we can keep adding more and more exciting information.

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