The power of Patreon for horse welfare

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Volunteering with us, a personal experience.
finca team building
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Digital marketing and Horse welfare

"I have never seen anybody getting so excited about Marketing", said Manon, my colleague- volunteer while we sat in the 'office'. A room that also functions as Emma's and Edo's living room, bedroom, and kitchen. They are still waiting for planning permission to build extra buildings. It may not win awards for the most professional office but it works. We are all friends here and we can concentrate on what is more important, the work we get done for horse welfare!

During our 'office' hours,  Manon , Katrin, and I, Inge form the Finca's Marketing team. Also, with Emma managing from her bed, as always accompanied by her herd of little, cute rescue dogs.

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Horse care and Patreon

About a year ago, I left my corporate marketing job in the Netherlands to dedicate my time to volunteering to help in horse shelters. In my first six weeks at this Finca, I started cleaning cages and working with the horse care. I am working with Bruno in particular. Helping him to learn to love his new life at the finca. Although I came here with the intention of gaining more 'hands-on' skills, I still felt I could help the most with assisting in Marketing. I truly believe that when we put enough time and effort into it, we are able to secure the future of this magical place, and that's why I get so excited about it. Not many other disciplines have this kind of power. When I discovered a new arising movement within the Marketing field, I got even more thrilled.

Smart platform for good cause

It all started with Patreon, a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. With a subscription-style payment model, fans pay their favourite creators a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey. After joining a membership, fans get to rest easy knowing that their money goes directly towards creating more of what they love. Patreon is not just another social media platform. It focuses on quality instead of quantity like other platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. Which are mainly interested in clicks, likes and followers. Patreon gives back the freedom to the creator, while other social media platforms create dependency with advertisement and algorithms. And even though social media is obviously still very popular, I foresee a shift towards more social value within social media.

A growing group is deleting their social media accounts and are looking for more social value. I’m quite convinced the world is slowly but surely getting tired of this fake picture perfect show we’ve been putting up together. Patreon is the answer to this change and offers a platform where both parties benefit. Creators retain creative freedom while getting the funding they deserve. In my opinion, people like Emma and Edo and horse shelters such as this, who put in their time, energy and horse care to give other creatures the life they deserve, shouldn't have to worry about money and funding. We can all pitch in, in our own way, and build something amazing together. Together, we can realize the dream!

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Please have a look at our patreon page and see if you would like to join. I update daily about the horse welfare, animals and the volunteers in the form of videos that can be sad, informative or funny, news, stories and important updates. You can see everything here first and it's all stored easily for you to catch up whenever you want to. Tenerife horse rescue Patreon

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