Our Sponsors

We rely on our Animal Rescue sponsors and donations. Thank you all for you help!

We are beyond grateful.  We encourage  you to check out our amazing sponsors, go ahead and scroll down

We are delighted to announce Barefoot Horse Magazine as one of our sponsors, having previously been highlighted and featured on the cover of issue. As advocates of R+ and the barefoot method, we feel honoured to have the support of such a well-known publication.

A huge thank you to HorseMolen Hungary for sponsoring us with special horse food. Their products very high quality premium foods and dietary supplement. It has a proven beneficial effect on health, endurance and performance of horses, among other things.

Horse owners will all know how challenging thrush can be. Correct hoof care and barefoot is such an important part of our ethics. Receiving some of these products was a great help in keeping our equines feet in top condition.

We are very happy to introduce you Sarah at Dare2bebarefoot who is a such lovely helpful human. She offers her advice and help to me whenever I need it. Sending over top quality advice and being my virtual barefoot Guru for whenever I have some tricky feet. Weather I have a complicated foot or just need a bit of backup. Sarah is a great help to keep me improving my technique and allowing our rescues to have the best possible foot care here on the Island.

We love this small business as it represents everything we believe in. This is a 1 stop shop for anything natural you need for your horse. It is also a great resource for information on helping your horse to enjoy and healthier and happier way of life.

Thanks to the amazing Comica BoomX-D Pro our youtube channel has been saved. No more wind noise, we are so grateful this huge company took a chance on our little charity to sponsor us to help the animals.

A huge thank you to Eagle Web Solutions for supporting out website. With over 40 years of IT experience Eagle adds a new dimension to our web presence ensuring all round technical and online marketing support.

A huge thank you to Hashe Computer Solutions for supporting out website. Hashe provides outstanding IT services and solutions globally that guarantee stunning results. Connecting creativity, technology and commerce to drive brands and business growth.

Having been previous customers of Cavallo, using their boots to help rehab our horses into barefoot we are truly honored that they have chosen to sponsor us and our horses to help them get the best possible hoof care available.

Celine came to us a volunteer to bring on our youtube channel, however she exceeded expectations and became a true member of the team. Now she sponsors us with her amazing photos and videos which you will find all over our website and social media channels.


For the growth of our sanctuary we rely on people and businesses with matching ethics. We are super grateful to have donations from such amazing businesses big and small. If we work together our message is stronger.

Due to the nature of our horses, they often come with many wounds and injuries which can be difficult and expensive to treat. This skincare is gentle, effective and easy to apply. It has helped us recover many of our animals in a pain free and gentle way..

Transporting our goods and donations from the UK. Helping to make such a difficult task easy and free. A professional and helpful way to help the animals get the things they need.

This is another small business that we highly recommend. It grew from 1 girl and her love for her horse. Everything is centered around the well being of horses and creating force free and positive training equipment that is all with the horses best interest in mind..

We are very happy to welcome you Lea one of our lovely volunteers at Lea Klier Photography who is a such a wonderful photographer and brings such positive energy to the team. She came here as a work away and soon expanded into being our official photographer and we are very happy to have her and her amazing photos on our team.

Fitting in perfectly with our sustainable way of living we are very happy to receive a compost toilet that makes going to the toilet much more glamorous and eco at the same time.

Helping us to bring donations and sponsors from around Europe. Always delivering our items with a smile and extra gifts for the animals.

A very different sponsor but something really necessary and fitting to our sustainable ethics. They bring us all of their off-cuts and un-sold pieces of "sandwich panel" roofing. Delivering it to our sanctuary for free so we can build our animal shelters and buildings with perfectly insulated roofs to keep our animals nice and cool.

We are really happy that we have been supported by Flex Hoof Boot's partner business with a hoof trimming course to expand mine and my volunteers knowledge. Holistic Hoof Care for Horse Owners is the provider of the course and we are really excited to have them support the hoof care of our horses.


We are proud to work with these other amazing charities so that we can help more animals together.

Last but not least, we are proud to be affiliated with this amazing charity Arche Noah Tenerife, who helped us find our footing when we arrived on the island with only naive hopes and dreams! Arche Noah are an animal welfare organization that cares for animals in need on the Canary Island of Tenerife. The association was founded in 1992. Most importantly, they are committed to spreading awareness about improving the welfare of animals, as well as of course rescuing abandoned animals and helping those in need. Thus, we can achieve so much more when we work together to save animals!