Our Sponsors

We rely on our Animal Rescue sponsors and donations. Thank you all for you help! We are beyond grateful.

If you're interested in our main sponsors, then go ahead and scroll down.

barefoot trimmer

We are very happy to introduce you Sarah at Dare2bebarefoot who is a such lovely helpful human. She offers her advice and help to me whenever I need it. Sending over top quality advice and being my virtual barefoot Guru for whenever I have some tricky feet. Weather I have a complicated foot or just need a bit of backup. Sarah is a great help to keep me improving my technique and allowing our rescues to have the best possible foot care here on the Island.


We are very happy to welcome you Lea one of our lovely volunteers at Lea Klier Photography who is a such a wonderful photographer and brings such positive energy to the team. She came here as a work away and soon expanded into being our official photographer and we are very happy to have her and her amazing photos on our team.


Last but not least, we are proud to be affiliated with this amazing charity Arche Noah Tenerife, who helped us find our footing when we arrived on the island with only naive hopes and dreams! Arche Noah are an animal welfare organization that cares for animals in need on the Canary Island of Tenerife. The association was founded in 1992. Most importantly, they are committed to spreading awareness about improving the welfare of animals, as well as of course rescuing abandoned animals and helping those in need. Thus, we can achieve so much more when we work together to save animals!