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Came free with the purchase of a house.

Along with her brothers she was left tied up at a finca when it was sold. They were no longer ( or probably never) considered part of the family and were not invited to move with them. If people are capable of doing this to an animal, I am glad they didn't go with them.

They were found skin and bones, crawling with fleas and covered with mange. Fortunately for her little family the man who brought the finca was caring, he took them to the vets and even kept 1. Unfortunately Nonna had filaria and various other health problems. Her Filaria is since treated but she has to wait for an operation to remove a tomour.

She is happy and looks great, really enjoying life at the finca. Nonna is the queen of the finca and no dog dares to mess with her. If you choose to sponsor her monthly we will keep you update on how her recovery is going and share with you her happy moments as she destroys the hose pipes or swims in the sea.


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