Megatron/ Africa

Silver and Simba
megatron the meat chicken

Megatron who was destined for meat but fell of the truck and became famous on the Canarian news!

This is no ordinary chicken, this is a chicken who thinks he is a dog. He strolls around by himself, minding his own business until other than the occasional peck at a passing dog! This giant chicken had a full circle change of life plan, he somehow fell off the back of a meat truck and was found by the local garage and brought to us. He grew to an enormous size where he was bred for meat. This is painful to see as you see the unatural shape he has, his feathers struggle to cover his body and his massive legs struggle to hold him up. However he is content, he sleeps on a pillow every night and is just happy he fell of the truck.

We hope he doesn't think about his less fortunate friends to often.

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